Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shopping cart development continues - Woocommerce is my current mate

I've been hacking different shopping carts together for and I hit a wall with the Cart66 set up in that I was only able to set two categories of options. That seems like enough options for any regular type of business, but not for me. I need at least 3 options on a regular basis; one for t-shirt sizes, one for t-shirt colors and one for tee shirt designs. I did quite a bit of work to add some products before I went searching for a new love and I was wooed by Woocommerce.

It is a confusing name and some of the plug-ins and themes are confusing, but it has been an easy transition from Cart66 to the Woocommerce except for having to recreate the products. Woo also interfaced with the credit card processor that I am using, so I did not have to start over for that.

I have also worked on expanding the Alstyle t-shirts being offered through and at Ekay in Los Angeles. The 1301 is a popular t-shirt for young men. Specifically the t-shirt known as the Triple A, AAA 1301, is a durable garment and it's thickness and full cut are something that the hip hop crew and skateboarders like. The Alstyle t-shirt line has tear away tags that can also be removed for printing in your own logo, so a lot of people who are starting out with making their own line of t-shirt like this benefit. The problems with this brand is that the inventory is spotty from time to time, so you can't always get all of the t-shirt colors and sizes that you need when you have a big order.


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