Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Space Truckin' 1981 - 2010 Commemorative Space Shuttle T-shirt

I can print this design because I feel like I own this subject. In 1981 I drove and saw the first Space Shuttle launch in Cocoa Beach Florida. The next year I had traveled back to Florida and started hitch hiking back to California. I only had $50 to my name, but I invested it all into some t-shirts, razor blades and spray paint. Then I cut out a stencil and before the second launch of the Space Shuttle I had made some t-shirts and sold them during the launch. I didn't make a profit, but I had fun and it was quite the experiment in trying to make event shirts with nothing. Now it's almost 30 years later and the Space Shuttle is being retired. I've always wanted to make a Space Truckin' shirt so if I don't make it now, then I'll never make it. I'll dig out my old photo of the first space shuttle launch too, just to give perspective on this whole thing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Only Asian Spammers read my blog

Racism is a dirty work, but am I wrong to identify that the only comments left on my blog are in an asian font. I can't even read the stuff so the only thing I can conclude is that it is some kind of asian spam. Why would people post comments on my blog in a font that I can't ready unless it was spam? No reason. I am not making a comment about asian drivers or anything, but are there that many asian people reading my blog that it is worth spamming in an asian font? I should've never have stopped the Japanese mafia from teaching me their language when I had the chance and then maybe I would understand what these comments mean. Are they selling viagra? Or is it a serious discussion about t-shirts or American Apparel. There isn't really anything to write about right this moment which is why I figure this is a good time to point out something as absurd as this. Oh, I started a new blog called, "Best Indian Food EVER! the blog" located here.